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Monday, February 20, 2006

Interesting pic i found.... hmmm... theres a sex scandal in nyp circulating... im going to look for it...

7:50 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Finally, i recovered my password to access my blog!

Cant believe it, been 6 mths plus since my last entry!

Time really flies...

Finally my turn to do the long awaited MP presentation... pretty nervous, skipped breakfast and lunch... was kinda dazed for the rest of the day aft i cant give a correct answer to the question posted to me...

DAMNED! hopefully nothing screw up, and i'll be on my way to jail for 2 years!

I really look forward to a holiday... thailand, hk anyone?;)

11:36 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pulled my leg muscle... dun think im going anyway this few days... arr it realli hurts!... maybe i stretch too much from yesterday's badminton session with wangzai... in fact, tats my first time doing sports since the ending of last sem... gotta keep fit n train more... btw, how cum got chinese in this webpage?

1:43 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Finally.... SIP has ended! ar... take a breath of relief n off i go, continuing my other subs. Quite a memorable day today, supervisor gave us a treat at SWENSEN! and yar, we got there in his car... a RED mercedes... haha, swensen is like a great place to chill out after finishing something academic. Lunch was great, had fish n chips... a set meal...

and one more thing, most of us at the lab got a little gift for each other as it was the last day... but i quite paisay... cos i think i was the only one who din buy anything for them... hmmm... make up for that next time?

anyway, jus got back from PS, caught a movie, THE ISLAND... overall, quite action packed... the cars in the movie are all my dream car... haha... at least i din sleep!

1:48 AM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Been super slack over the past few days. Lazy to basically do anything. Haiz~~... Not a very gd week either. Jus completed my SIP report, took me 2 full days to do it. Still to come......, Food Safety Report n NLS project. Gp members for NLS suXs... i got ZERO for my NLS consultation! Thanks to those 2 bitches... i gonna do my NLS on myself, i dun wan my grades to be pulled down by them. Arrr..... wonder how am i going to finish up the two report, anyway, i will try my best. One more thing... i was LATE again!!! cant believe tat even aft repeated warning, i am still LATE!!! anyway, jus hope tat i wont fail SIP. Wish me luck.

Fucking Jimmy Zhang Tian Hao, i dunno wat the hell happen to you, but ever since i ask for my 900 bucks back, u seem to disappear. Call dun ans, msg dun reply. I will definitely do wat i am supposed to do to get my money back. Watch ya back.

3:00 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Got the air tickets for my parents... damn ex man! s$794 for 2 return ticket to KL... WTF... think add abit more, they can go HK, inclusive of hotel.
Airasia is cheaper @Rm200 for a return ticket, but its too troublesome.. need to cross the causeway to senai.

Anyway, still got 2 more weeks of reformative training left~~ din really have a good wk.
One thing tat really pissed me off is those fucking bitches... we are all adults, if something is not working out or if u are not happy with wat i've done, u can fucking come n let me know. WTF, u think crying will solve those problems n make me look like a sinner. BITCH! Stop getting all your kakis n coming to demand a apology from me... GROW UP!!

9:43 AM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

I feel so corked up this few days, history is repeating itself. Why do i always kept till the last min then i wan to study? Im like i cant study unless the test is tomorrow. Damn! finally told my parents tat i'll be doing one more year. I wasnt expecting tat they are so calm upon hearing that i needed to stay for 2 sem. They r like, kinda of expected that. I'm really sorry, i've let them down but i really felt gd aft telling them. It's kinda like unloading a heavy burden and finally being able to breath AGAIN! Yah, i wont be attending my cousin wedding. Sch comes first!

5:24 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

My cousin is getting MARRIED!! OMG! I cant believe it... someone whom i grew up with... she is only 21, 1 yr older than me only! hmm, my parents been asking me to comfirm whether or not i'll be attending her wedding in KL. Up till now... seriously, im still not sure. Cos her wedding is on a sunday, 10 july. If im going i prob be flying in by sat n prob return on mon, missing sch. I'm confused... Shld i or shld i not go? I definitely dun wan to miss her wedding, neither do i wan to miss sch n get mark down for SIP. HELP ME!

7:20 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Been slacking the past few days... been calling people up to demand back the money owned to me. First on my list Khye Shyien: owns s$3.7k. He has been owning me money since dec 2003. Damn, he will either not pick up calls from me or simply dun reply msg. He is definitely a ASSHOLE! I'm only askin him to repay me 100 bucks per month, and he kept defaulting months aft months. HE even claim that, he only had 2 bucks with him when i last contacted him. Can u believe that? DAMN... fancy staying in a terrace, with merc parking in front.

Yest n today, basically got nothing to do! HA! wats worse was that, some idiot actually put up some ground rules in the lab. One of the rules: NO reading of newspaper or mag during office hour. Wat the fuck! that asshole wans us to to when we are waiting for the dough to proof, which could take close to an hour? STARE at each other?

4:26 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

arr... sprain my neck while bathing this morning... then injured my toes, cos need to rush to be on time.. Damn... now walking with a limp n had to bear with the pain in my neck... feel like going home to slp... as usual, today my gp got nothing to do in the morning... waste my time only... ai..., supervisor will only come in the aftnoon... well jus gonna bear with it for another 5 wks? hopefully that i wont be late again... or ill be doin sip next next sem!!
the pain is KILLING me!! arrrrrrrrr..............

10:19 AM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

I dun wan to go sch anymore le!!


4:50 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bread making AGAIN today... was watching some show yest, think is the 9pm show. One very good question... wat will we become in 20 or 30 years time?

This i mus say, i really have no answer... in fact, im totally clueless. But, of course i hope that nothing gonna go bad for me... it would be interesting to meet up with friends or classmates n see how each of us had progress through the years, have we become rich, how have we change and wat-so-ever...
well... its not really a session to compare n contrast but rather, to be kept updated about people we know... anyway... life is short... but then again, in this hectic environment, who would be so free? maybe its all jus my wishful thinking...

4:59 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It looks kinda of hazy outside, dunno if its jus my eyes... hmmm... working on fd safety now...

6:06 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

i was nearly late!! today... did baking again today!!! the same old stuff... haiz...

5:42 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Baking AGAIN!!! did 2 variation today... finish around 1 plus... then went for lunch with fu wang n sharon. Was kinda full today, cant rem wat i had in the morning... so i only had a drink, my usual fav drink... GREEN TEA! went for lec at around 2.30... Slacking in the com lab now... NOTHING to DO!!! but still have to stay here till 6!!! Wat the Fuck! err...

4:59 PM
YanG---> Catch me if you can!!!

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